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"Sharing the Passion" is our motto

Christian Frayssignes is the Chief Wine Lover of Christian Wine Consulting (CWC). Born and raised in Paris, Christian has been surrounded by the allure of wine all his life. 

After 25+ years of advising pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies, he decided to live his 30+ years of passion for wine through a luxury wine consulting practice. Whether you want a one of a kind wine cellar built in your home or are looking to order specialty wines from the smallest corners of the world, CWC will do it for you. 

Today, Christian sits on the Board and Executive Committee of the International Wine and Food Society (Oakville, Ontario Chapter) as President and Cellar Master.   

He also does a lot of volunteer work for associations: Honorary President, Board and EC member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN), Vice President of the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber, Board Member of the 2016 and 2017 European Union Film Festival in Toronto.
Christian Frayssignes chief wine lover and consultant at Christian Wine Consultants

Christian Frayssignes
Chief Wine Lover