Wine Cellars
We know that there is always enough space for enjoying a wine cellar in your house, your condo or your cottage!

Just choose what you want, according to your objectives, lifestyle and budget to add some “Luxury” to your life and we will make it happen for you!
Why Have A Wine Cellar
  • A real life style change, the ability to pair wine with your food all the time!
  • A daily source of satisfaction and pleasure.
  • A way to show your friends and guest that you “like your wines”, to entertain in style and impress.
  • A potential financial investment (old vintages, rare wines always find buyers).
  • An increased Real Estate value : in high-end real estate, a great wine cellar has become a must have to attract wealthy and lifestyle conscious buyers and investors

Building A Wine Cellar
  • From our initial consultation with you, we will define your preferences according to your needs: cellar style, size, number of bottles, location, simple storage or display, bespoke “one of a kind”.
  • Select the right designer and builder for you taking into account all necessary parameters: temperature (cooling system), humidity, light, vibrations and lighting before we look at the style (“Space conscious”, “Classic”, “Contemporary”, “Wow factor”) you favour for your lifestyle.
  • From initial sketches when we agree on a design and a budget, we can oversee the building process with you.
  • In parallel, we will start to establish your wine buying list, taking your taste, entertainment patterns and investment needs to ensure that you have all that is needed to be able to always “have the right wine for the right occasion”
  • We can order for you from our partner agents and oversee wines delivery.

Maintaining A Wine Cellar
  • “What comes out must come back in”. We will establish a restocking schedule according to your consumption and recommend new wines for you to order to maintain a versatile rotation.
  • We can also visit your cellar to re-organize, label, taste for maturity without opening the bottles (needle and argon technology) and recommend a wine inventory management system
  • Plan for AC and other functionalities maintenance

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